Color Blind Test

Color blind test is a test used to evaluate people's ability to perceive colorsEvaluate your color vision with the Color blind Test and uncover any color deficiencies.

Online Test - it's free!

The test consist of various colored ishihara plates on which multiple digits are printed, You just have to recognize the digits correctly to pass the test. To get correct result, please take care of the following things BEFORE starting the test:

  • step
    Do not wear tinted lenses
    Remove any glasses with colored lenses if you wore right now. The test is only designed to be taken with the naked eye, and it will work only without colored lenses of any type and lead to accurate results. Taking the online test with color-correcting glasses to “prove” that they work is a misconception and inaccurate.
  • step
    Screen brightness is moderate
    Increase your screen brightness too high. Dim light affects color & the ability to perceive differentiation.
  • step
    Ambient light
    Make sure the test environment is well lit and avoid too dark or too bright environments.